Everything about the songs for running routine.

music helps the brain of people to be entertained so it will take longer to feel tired

It is now common to see that many people have the desire to lose weight, look better, have greater self-esteem and improve their overall health. Due to the aforementioned, a great variety of methods that have been created for help people to be much healthier and to exercise as is the case of running is one of the methods that many people have taken in  account, with the purpose of improving Both their health and their conditions.

One of the things that you need to take in account when a person is performing any training routine or want to begin to run is motivation. Many of the cases of people who decide to  leave an exercise routine are due to lack of motivation and constancy, so it is necessary that people are motivated to get better results in their training routine.

Due to the above, posing motivation is very necessary for people who wish to do exercise so they have created different methods such as calendars, using some kind of musician to help people perform their exercise routine, help to people feel motivated and improve their physical performance.

Many times you asked how many people can run great distances and keep standing, get a great physical condition but one of the big factors is the fact that they use music; in fact music helps the brain of people to be entertained so it will take longer to feel tired. So if you are lacking motivation to going to run the best advice is to look for your player or cellphone use your hearing aid and listen to the music

But one of the things that must be taken in account is the fact that any type of music is not suitable you need to get rhythms and sounds that help you to perform your exercise with greater intensity. There are even cases of movie boxers who go out trotting or running and listening to songs that help them stay motivated as is the case of the so famous film series of Rocky Balboa and in the same way as occurs in movies also occurs in the reality.

It is necessary that people know that running can be a very fun activity and that many people can enjoy it, but it can also be a very suffering activity. So there is a person who usually runs with different rhythms in some occasions to greater intensity than others and one of the factors can be fatigue. It is also very important to know that according to the studies the people who usually run on the tape listening to music can run more distance.

When people want to get physically fit with any running routine, they are looking for 2 fundamental goals, which are to run more distance and increase the speed, according to expert opinion running is a great help as it allows people to increase the intensity of the exercise and the people resistance and therefore will have better performances.

But the moment when the people want to run listening to music, it is necessary for people to choose the right place, whether it be a park, stadium or a place destined for these purposes; Because if you run in open places such as highways, you may be in danger of hearing the noise of a car or distracting you and being hit or bitten by a dog.

It is also important to know that if you run listening to fast rhythms your speed increase and slow rhythms will decrease. Among some songs that are used to run are:

  • Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones.
  • It’s A Long Way to The Top – AC / DC.
  • Drag me down – One Direction.
  • Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones.
  • Eye of the Tiger – Survivor.


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