What are the Things that do not define your identity?

Currently, we live in a modern age, full of technology, means of telecommunication, information, social networks and the emergence of devices for the purpose of facilitating people’s activities. Many people often associate their self-esteem with things that are superficial and do not define our identity. There are even those who come to believe that their self-esteem depends on their things or property or their career and education and that this defines their identity, but these things not define the people identity.

But what is defined as identity?

According to the concept of identity and connoisseurs on the subject, they define identity as the awareness that a person has about himself, so he makes it different from other people. It is important to know that many trait of people identity are hereditary or innate and that the environment exerts influence on each person. In relation to the above stated identity is associated with something own and an inner reality of each person.

It is also necessary to know that the human being by its nature is in a continuous growth and evolution, reason why it follows of continuous form of a continuous development.

Many people often associate their self-esteem with things that are superficial and do not define our identity

What is confusion of some people in recognizing what defines their identity?

As was aforementioned many people often associate their identity with things that can be considered superficial and not always be with them, so many people have wondered why becoming is something that wanted to be, was never enough?. What were they really looking for? Why was it that whenever that I made the things that I wanted, it was never enough?, coming to understand that all these things are temporary and do not have the relevance that many people give in terms of their identity.

People will not always have the same social position; their work will probably be changing, even including their material things change during the course of their life so those are things that do not define their identity.

It is important to remember a saying that people are not defined by money, or by the things they have but are defined by the size of their way of acting; An example we can have in a person who has a lot of money but has obtained it illegally, that does not make a better person than someone who has little but obtained it in an honest way. According to the above, the things that we have do not define our identity.

Imagine that someone wants to have the house of their dreams and manages to get them, resulting that things were not as the person thought. How would you feel if others associated that with your identity? ; So it is shown that there is not relationship between the two things.

Another thing that is usually associated with your the identity of the people is your knowledge, but it is important to know that the knowledge of people or intelligence will not always be proportional to how useful the people can be to a society as it is important to know that education And intellect are not always synonymous with success, ambition, effort and dedication are also needed.

The past is one of the things that some people usually associate with their identity, but it is important to know that all people can change, so everyone in the world makes a mistake, so the important thing is to forgive yourself, to follow go ahead and try to be better people every time.

Some people are not comfortable with their appearance, it is important that we know that beauty is in the eye of the viewer and that each person has different taste, which may be attractive for one person may not for another. It is also important to know that in Some point in life we will grow old and not always maintain the same physical so it is important for everyone to understand that beauty does not define their identity; Just as there are people who can be very beautiful physically, they may not be in their personality and vice versa as there are those who are beautiful in both case and it is very important that each person accept self.

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